Alexandru Silaghi,
            Papharda Jindawuthikul,
                 Tiger Louisa,
            Anpan Victorien Charles

               Make-up and hair:
                      Elaine Lo,
                  Catia Cardoso

                   Travis Williams

                  Set designer:
                  Travis Williams

                 Cyrus K Corbin

                  Kitsch Studios

As the world is changing it can sometimes be difficult to see the beauty within ourselves. People aim to always be perfect to fit into the crowd, instead of realising that no one is perfect. Embracing your individuality is important because no one can be you and that is why your voice is important. Being proud of who you are, where you have come from, your journey, your mistakes and not allowing that to define you. The best thing you can do is

learn to appreciate yourself for who you are, not who society tells you should be.


Tiger Louisa (23) singer and poet from London has been on a journey where she has had to remove herself from situations that have stopped her from growing.

“We all go through our own journeys and everything I’ve been through I embrace. I am me because I embrace it.” What Tiger indicates Is the importance of embracing your journey and not letting that stop you from reaching your full potential. Tiger talks about breaking up with her boyfriend and how this has made her feel. “This whole month since I broke up with my boyfriend, it empowered me because I felt that I wasn’t doing everything I wanted to do in that relationship, it wasn’t right for me. Since I left it, I feel empowered because I can do whatever the fuck I want to do, and I love it!”. – Tiger Louisa

Anpan Charles (27) from London talks about how his Tamil heritage makes him who he is. This is something he is passionate about, and he focuses on embedding this into his art. He uses his art as an outlet to express by modelling and photography.

“I express myself through my voice, the way I walk, the way I talk, drawing, the way I dress, modelling, my photography [some advice to my younger self] “Be confident in yourself, love yourself because you are good looking”. – Anpan Charles.Anpan who has been modelling for 2 and half years and now uses his platform to show his versatility as a model and highlights the pressures of having to have everything sorted and the importance of living in the moment. Anpan embodies being who you are and being proud of that, and he embraces his individuality as model and photographer.

Papharda (29) is from Thailand and did her Masters in Fashion branding and communication in the UK. 

“Most of my family members don’t want me to study fashion, but I feel like this is me and I just want to follow my dreams. I love art and I want to follow my soul to freedom.” – Papharda Papharda has always used art as a natural outlet whether that is the photography that she is creating or that be the way she is dressing. It is important to be you and follow your dreams, and Papharda has done that. We asked Papharda three things she loves about herself, she said.
“I love my eyes; I love the way I see things and I am quite an emotional person. I express everything I feel, and I love my body.” – Papharda

Alexandru (28) from London who has been modelling for over 3 years has always been dedicated to being himself. Navigating in an industry which tends to place people in a box, Alex focuses on breaking away from the norms.

“Representation matters because you have someone to look at; that you admire, and you don’t feel alone, therefore you are prone to express yourself”. -Alexandra. As Alex says, it is important to have that representation within the media to inspire people to be themselves, embracing their individuality is good not bad. In response to being asked what makes you you? Alex replies, “I’m just crazy.” As an individual he is refreshing because his openness and expression inspires people to be proud of themselves. Self-love is about the confidence you have within yourself, and Alex embodies that and more having someone to look at that you admire – Alex is that person.

SEE US, HEAR US is about hearing what real people have to say, we are all humans who have all been on different or maybe similar journeys. Loving yourself is not a bad or a vain thing – it is about accepting who you are, recognising the good within yourself and challenging the social restrictions that make you judge yourself negatively. It is about rewriting the rules.