I am a creative, and hard-working person who always strives to see progress in everything that I do. I am Grenadian (Mum) and Dominican (Dad) and I love my heritage from the music, food, and carnivals. I am Body Positivity and a Self-Love content creator and Model from London. I struggled with accepting who I was: that is a gay black ‘fat’ man. Growing up and being called fat was hurtful and embarrassing; this made me hate myself. I allowed other people’s views to stop me believing in myself and seeing the potential I had. Struggling with my weight and my identity was a lot for me to handle – it took me a long-time to accept who I am. TRA.VIS has been another way for me to approach these issues. The spreads that I have chosen for Issue One, are inspired by my life experiences. I have always wanted to do a magazine which provided a voice for people, something I never had growing up. This magazine plays a part in creating change – I want everyone to be proud of who they are – everyone is beautiful in this space.